All diese Gewalt - Welt in Klammern (2016)

Welt in Klammern


  1. Wie es geht
  2. Maria in blau
  3. Jeder Traum eine Falle
  4. Laut denken
  5. (Ohne Titel)
  6. Kuppel
  7. Stimmen
  8. Klang
  9. Morgen alles neu
  10. Geister


Max Rieger is quite a figure in Stuttgarts music scene. Fronting the Noise-Rock band "Die Nerven" he released a handful of full length albums and apart from his duty singing for his main band he produces around every band for the Staatsakt label, which mainly focuses on a sound similar to his own band.

All diese Gewalt however is a different kind of beast. Where Die Nerven know how to utilize distortion and dissonance to create their sound, Rieger has chosen the other side of the spectrum for his second solo album. Here beauty and calmness define the album. If Die Nerven are the german hommage to Sonic Youth, All diese Gewalt pay tribute to The Cure and some of the more percussion heavy tracks by New Model Army.

Album opener Wie es geht sets the mood from the start. Somewhat synthetic sounding drums, a prominent bass and guitars that always play along, but never steal the focus. And Max Rieger singing. No screams on this one, just him providing lyrical content in nearly spoken word fashion. And at some point percussions start opening up the sound. The guitars get some room and suddenly one remembers the Noise background of this project. But never does this track - and album - lose its harmonics.

Where Welt in Klammern succeeds is in the way a certain mood is transported. And as with every mood this one is best enjoyed by being receptive for it. So dim the lights, get yourself cosy and do nothing else but listen. I know this sounds cliché, but if there is one decade that is defined by clichés it's the eighties. They were cheesy, they were full of bad taste and horrible culture - and some of the very best. And All diese Gewalt capture the latter perfectly.

Even if you don't speak german, if Disintegration by the Cure means anything to you, this one could very well be a release for heavy rotation.

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