Ariana Grande - My Everything (2014)

My Everything
1 Intro
2 Problem
3 One Last Time
4 Why Try
5 Break Free
6 Best Mistake
7 Be My Baby
8 Break Your Heart Right Back
9 Love Me Harder
10 Just a Little Bit of Your Heart
11 Hands on Me
12 My Everything
13 Bang Bang
14 Only 1
15 You Don't Know Me
16 Cadillac Song
17 Too Close


Ariana Grande is one of those Disney kids that started to sing on TV when they were still children. Normally they start playing some role in a disgusting TV series and at some point start a solo career as a singer, where they soon leave behind their Teenager image and become sluts that sing about nothing but sex.

Ariana is no exception here, though she hasn't reached the slut state yet. At least not totally, there is one song on this album which might give a hint where things will move on her next album.

The Sound

Sound wise Ariana was and is always compared with Mariah Carey. A comparison that lacks substance, because while Ariana has an impressive and unique voice, just like Mariah has, the overall sound is very different.

On her debut album, Ariana played hugely 90s inspired pop music. Album number 2 sounds different. It's modern, best to be heard on the track "Break Free" which is an EDM song featuring Zedd. If you hate this genre, don't listen to this song, because you will not be able to get it out of your head. The other single of the album is "Problem" another song, one might find annoying after a while, but it's definately an ear catcher. Those two songs, together with "Bang Bang" are obvious single releases.

Luckily the album has more to offer. Right between those singles "One Last Time" and "Why Try" are placed, bringing a more conventional sound. And Ariana delivers. This is the stuff classic pop songs are made of. "Love me harder", feat. The Weekend goes into a similar direction, fantastic hook, one for the books.

Of course being compared to Mariah Carey brings the need for huge ballads. And indeed the album has some great moments to offer. "Best Mistake" is a great example for a good ballad, if it weren't for the male rapper, that seems to be essential for any pop album nowadays. Too bad, Ariana would sound much better on her own. "Just a little bit of your heart" is the second big moment on the record. An easy song, but with huge effect.

There isn't a single really bad track on this album, but one that has to be mentioned on its own. "Hands on me" is what sadly has to be expected from every Disney-grown female artist at some point in her career. Yes, it's a slut song. And no, she shouldn't do it, it doesn't suit her. Not yet.

Anyway, "My Everything" does most things right and if there is one thing one has to critizise, it's the fact that there are too many features on this album. Ariana is one, if not the biggest voice in pop music right now, she does not need support by others.





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