Baby Woodrose - Third Eye Surgery (2012)

Third Eye Surgery


  1. Down to the Bottom
  2. Waiting for the War
  3. Dandelion
  4. Just a Lie
  5. Bullshit Detector
  6. Nothing Is Real
  7. Love Like a Flower
  8. Third Eye Surgery
  9. Honalee


Denmark. Once again Denmark. The amount of awesome danish bands I find lately is unbelievable. Baby Woodrose are another one of these and are around since 2001. They started as a low-fi Psychedelic Rock band and quickly evolved to be one of the best names in modern Psychedelic Rock. Over time more and more Space Rock elements enhanced their trademark sound and with Third Eye Surgery the band released their first proper Space Rock album. It comes with 9 tracks and delivers 37 minutes of joy.

The Sound

The album kicks off with Down to the Bottom which opens with a simple, yet effective guitar riff, a memoriable bass line and lots of hammond. The moment Lorenzo Woodrose starts singing instantly resembles one big name in Space Rock and the name is Monster Magnet. And yes, Monster Magnet might have been the biggest influence for this album, respectively their Dopes to Infinity era.

That is quite a monument to get inspiration from which personally ranks in my all time favorite album list. Any bands output will most likely have a hard time being compared to such a landmark album. One thing is for certain: Baby Woodrose manage to hold up to the expectations.

The album can be split in half roughly. The first part consists of short and sweet songs, the first three even staying below the 3 minute mark. Very catchy those songs show a band that knows how to strip down a song to its essentials and it only takes a single listen to remember the songs for what they are: Bloody brilliant. Basically simple rock songs which just work because of the vocal melodies and the overall atmosphere, which is build with little things, be it the use of hammonds or the dual vocals in third track Dandelion with such meaningful lyrics as "If I was a piece of gum (1), I could live beneath your tongue". Also present are a set of sitars which give the whole thing an eastern vibe.

Track five Bullshit Detector is a turning point for the album. The vibe slows and soundwise the music opens up. The Space Rock elements overshadow the Psychdelic parts of the album for the first time and stay dominant for the rest of the album. Trippy and gorgous this is how transcendence music is meant to be done. Nothing Is Real adds sitars to the mixture once again which rounds up the trip and is another definite song on this release.

When the dreamy final song is over one has two options to proceed: Land back on earth or restart the journey before the effect passes away. I recommend the latter.

1) Always misheard as cum



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