Bellringer - Jettison (2016)



  1. The God of Roosters Does Not Forget
  2. Quitter
  3. Inner Freak
  4. Cowboy Fight
  5. Double Yellow Line
  6. Demon

When you read about Mark Deutrom, the first thing you will find is his involvement in some of Melvins work and that's most likely the base for your expectations for this album, because Bellringer is basically Mark Deutrom with a couple of guest musicians. So let's get this out of the way: Bellringer do not sound like Melvins. At least not too much.

You might get fooled when listening to first, instrumental track The God of Roosters Does Not Forget, which indeed has some kind of Melvins vibe. But second song Quitter shows instantly that this album is about more than just paying tribute to a band. I feel a strong Alice in Chains vibe with this track, including vocal harmonies and semi-acoustic refrain. Good stuff.

Inner Fight first indeed reminds one of Melvins' Stag album, starting off with a bass line that keeps the song moving and some soothing vocals singing along. This is the moment one realises what a soulful voice Deutrom has to offer. Around the 4 minute mark things suddenly change. The track opens up for a much lighter, airy sound. Flutes start play along a jazzy fundament and carry the song to its end - quite a refreshing change.

Another highlight is the gloomy track Double Yellow Line. Menacing in its nature without the usual heaviness, this tracks manages to provide an intensity seldom found.

The album ends in a similar way, but halfway through the 7:29 track Bellringer suddenly start to become progressive again, this time without the flutes, instead they add some distortion and and some guitar leads to make the album fade out in style.

Bellringer's debut full lentgth album is a short, but alltogether fun affair, which showcases a band knowing about their roots, but not being afraid of influences from other genres. The result is a nice cocktain of Grunge, Progressive Rock and somewhat doomy elements, which just works.

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