Bleeding Hearts - Fly in the Face of Fashion (2000)

Fly in the Face of Fashion


  1. Fly in the Face of Fashion
  2. Democracy
  3. Caravan Song
  4. Russian Girl
  5. Little Bit of Love
  6. Sacred Cow
  7. What You Gonna' Say
  8. Hardly Anything
  9. Hey Hey Hey
  10. Losing My Faith in You
  11. Screaming
  12. Don't Call This Living
  13. Conspiracy


There just isn't enough political Folk music around. The genre is filled with drinking songs, stupid cover versions andinfantility and worst of all the general songwriting reflects this more often than not. Musically most Folk Rock bands are either boring or try to be punks without any clue what is needed for a good Punk album.

There are exceptions, of course. The Levellers for example, the Oysterband too - at least parts of their career - and Bleeding Hearts most definately belong in this list too. Sadly they are total underdogs, despite the fact that they supported big names like The Darkness or above mentioned Oysterband. Their aproach to Folk is rooted in Punk Rock, which doesn't mean they play it fast and straight forward, instead they take the attitude of bands like Social Distortion and Stiff Little Fingers and wrap it in proper Folk songs mostly. Yes they rock, but they don't shove it down your throat. Most obvious their Punk influences can be heard in vocalist Foxie's voice, which coincidentally reminds one of Mike Ness at times.

Lyrically the band points out Injustice, demands more love and tells little stories in a way that feels just right. No joking around or flat accusations, instead it's all just a nicely wrapped up package, just like the music itself.

And the band is able to write proper hits too, just listen to the outstanding track "Little Bit of Love" a tune so good, it's a shame so few people get to hear it. Caravan Song is another highlight and the Polka influenced Russian Girl shows that the band can mix different styles of music without losing their trademark sound.

Fly in the Face of Fashion is a great piece of Folk Rock from a band that deserves so much more attention, if Political awareness, well made Folk and Punk music and a healthy bit of 70s attitude is your thing don't let this one slip you by.



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