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Bullet Lavolta - Swandive (1991)

Mixing aggression of Punk with the melodies of its time, Swandive is a forgotten classic

Truly - Fast Stories... From Kid Coma (1995)

A real forgotten classic

Quicksand - Slip (1993)

It doesn't get more classic than this

Ons├ęgen Ensemble - Awala├» (2016)

A flawless blend of styles make up this future classic

Quader - Quader (2013)

Punchy, melodic, spacey and simply fantastic debut

Superchunk - On the Mouth (1992)

Indie/Emo/Pop-Punk done right

The Inchtabokatables - Ultra (1994)

A sometimes odd, sometimes brilliant effort by a truly unique band

British Theatre - Mastery (2016)

The true successor of Oceansize?

Pyogenesis - Twinaleblood (1995)

A Metal classic that really wasn't Metal at all

Winter Severity Index - Human Taxonomy (2016)

A welcome greeting from the dark side