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Mink Stole - Eats Head of Owner (1993)

Another lost gem of the early 90s

Hail Spirit Noir - Mayhem in Blue (2016)

The Evil Side of Prog

Mary Beats Jane - Locust (1997)

Nicole Sabouné - Miman (2015)

The year just started. Competition is done.

Bleeding Hearts - Fly in the Face of Fashion (2000)

All diese Gewalt - Welt in Klammern (2016)

Baby Woodrose - Third Eye Surgery (2012)

If I was a piece of cum

Bellringer - Jettison (2016)

Former Melvins member shows how to jam

Farmer Boys - Till the Cows Come Home (1997)

Hardcore meets New Wave

The Sweet Release Of Death - The Sweet Release of Death (2016)

Sonic Youth ressurected!