Farmer Boys - Till the Cows Come Home (1997)

Till the Cows Come Home


  1. Prized
  2. When Pigs Fly
  3. Barnburner
  4. Boar
  5. Pig Nick
  6. Till the Cows Come Home
  7. Pain Is Party
  8. Sunburnt
  9. A Dream Within a Dream
  10. Murder Me
  11. High to Die


Farmer Boys is a german Metal band that formed in 1994 and released their debut album in 1996. The band mixed elements of Hardcore and New Wave and was considered one of the most important Metal acts of the time, but was eventually overshadowed by the huge success of Rammstein, which formed around the same time. Reflecting their style one has to give them credit to be far ahead of their time, since the use of 80s sounds in Rock music became a common thing decades later. Still Farmer Boys remain a band whose sound remains unique to this day. Till the Cows Come Home was the second album and was released in 1997.

The Sound

Basically Farmer Boys play a variation of Hardcore heavily inpired by Groove Metal as made famous by bands like Machine Head or Prong. Most songs have one momoriable riff and classic chorus/verse/chorus structure, where the verses for the most part remain in typical melodic shouts.

This alone is good enough for most bands, because the sheer amount of fantastic riffs alone is noteworthy and makes for a brilliant album. But things get even more interesting when the band drives into melodic territory. Most songs hit gold with their dreamy refrains that are heavily influenced by the New Wave sound of the eighties, including synths. Second song "When Pigs Fly" is an excellent entry point to the album since it showcases both of the bands qualities perfectly.

The title track is another standout, which focuses more on the dreamy side that made New Wave what it was. The same thing is true for "A Dream Within a Dream" but here the band interweaves the melancholic vocal melodies with heavy riffing once again.

The album also features more straight forward numbers, like "Boar" or "Pain is Party". Guitar work on those tracks is roughly comparable to Pantera, which says a lot about their ability to write standout riffs.

An album like this should not age very well, since it was very much a sound of a generation, but it still works surprisingly well, most likely because the inclusion of New Wave in Rock and Metal music is not rarely seen nowadays. If groove-driven Hardcore-influenced music is your thing and you also have a soft spot for the great Pop tunes the Neon-Ages provided, give this one a chance.




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