Nelly Furtado - Folklore (2003)

1 One-Trick Pony
2 Powerless (Say What You Want)
3 Explode
4 Try
5 Fresh Off the Boat
6 For├ža
7 The Grass Is Green
8 Picture Perfect
9 Saturdays
10 Build You Up
11 Island of Wonder
12 Childhood Dreams


Nelly Furtado is a canadian singer who most likely does not need an introduction. She sold 40 million records to date and had numerious top charting songs by now.

My introduction to Nelly was this very album back in 2003. I didn't think it was bad but it also never stroke me as particulary good.

Well last year I gave it another try and it clicked. Not only is it enjoyable, it is actually a special album.

The Sound

Which brings us straight to the sound of the album. Because "Folklore" indeed sounds different to your regular Pop album. A lot of acoustic guitars and percussive rhythms lead your through the total time of roughly 50 minutes.

First song "One Trick Pony" with its banjo background instantly shows off with its folk elements, which continues in track 2, which was my first introduction to the album. This one actually sounds a little bit like Alanis Morissette - and again, banjo sounds.

"Explode" has kind of an electro-pop vibe to it, long before this kind of genre established itself. Its instantly followed by "Try" - one of the singles from this album. And it was a single for a reason A sweet acoustic-guitar driven song, with a refrain one cannot resist.

And this way the album continues. More electronic songs follow the more folky ones until the album hits its peak with "Picture Perfect". This song is in a league of its own. This song has it all. Great drums, a nice guitar lead and an overall fantastic atmosphere.

"The Grass is Green" sounds like Sia, long before she was even known to anyone and after the album played through you realise: This is pretty good. It's really good.

Sadly Nelly changed style on her next album and never was able to return to this quality again.



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