Pyogenesis - Twinaleblood (1995)



  1. Undead
  2. Twinaleblood
  3. Weeping Sun
  4. Every Single Day
  5. Abstract Life
  6. Empty Space
  7. Sinfeast
  8. Those Churning Seas
  9. Snakehole
  10. Addiction Pole
  11. God Complex
  12. Supavenus
  13. Bar Infernale
  14. I'm Coming
  15. Mutz umst erben

Gothic/Doom Metal had it's prime time in the mid-nineties, after Paradise Lost and Type O Negative released their blueprint albums and most bands trying to get a piece of the cake tried to sound similar to what was already out in the wild. Originality was rare. The aproach of songwriting, the tone of the vocalists the production - everything tried to sound like the "big ones".

Pyogenesis were a Death Metal band from Germany and Twinaleblood was their first proper Gothic Metal album after they already had hints of the formula on 1994s Sweet X-Rated Nothings. At least this was the initial reaction of most listeners - and then they realised this not being Gothic at all. In fact it's hardly Metal, but what is it that irritated listeners back then and fascinates up to this day?

First of all we should try to find out why Pyogenesis had the Gothic label in the first place. Let's start with the instruments. The guitar tone sounds like stripped out of an Alternative Pop song, tuned down to the bones and beefed up a bit to appear somewhat metal. The scales used are minor ones, but the melodies played are uplifting which gives a bizarre soundscape that feels both happy and sad at the same time. The mastering of the drums has a focus on base drum which also adds to the illusion of a Metal release until one realises that there is no double bass on this album. Instead the whole drum sound reminds far more of Therapys Troublegum than anything else.

Which brings us right to the vocals. There are two vocalists on this album. Florian Stangl provided the clean vocals, highly melodic he is what makes one doubt the Metal background of the band in the first place. Tim Eiermann on the other hand provided what first appeared to be growls. But as with the instruments those growls play their part just like the instruments do, what first seemed to be proper Death Metal vocals are in fact just roughly sung lines for the most part. There are some exceptions to this, e.g. Abstract Life and a few others do indeed contain real growls.

To sum up the bizarre nature of this album: What appears to be a Death/Doom/Gothic album with oddly enjoyable happy sounding melodies is in fact just a cleverly twisted Alternative Rock album that took inspiration from the Gothic Metal of the times and managed to use those ingredients to spice up their outstanding ability to write memoriable songs. And this is where Twinaleblood succeeds big time. Pyogenesis wrote hit after hit on this release with choruses waiting to become part of your daily humming routines. Be it the acoustic Emtpy Space, Those Churning Seas, one of the most Metal songs on the album or the punky Addiction Pole, the band delivers.

So if you want your Metal to be more "alternative", if you are not afraid of big melodies, and if you want to hear the first and most likely last Death Metal song on a Hip Hop beat (Mutz umst erben), give Twinaleblood a try. It hasn't lost any of its charme even 22 years after its inception.

By the way: With their next output the band proved to be more rooted in Alternative music than in Metal by releasing one of the poppiest Alternative Rock albums ever created, which was ironically called "Unpop". Also Tim later joined Liquido, which some of you might know from their pathetic mainstream single Narcotic.

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