Quader - Quader (2013)



  1. Brutus
  2. Dustsucker
  3. Sliver
  4. The Truth
  5. Hurt
  6. Stereo
  7. F.V.S. Hole
  8. Is You Love Me


The first thing when looking at that album cover was "Minions". Yes I know it's a stupid association to make, but it happened and resulted in relatively low expectations on this album. So i put in at the end of my queue. A mistake, it turns out. Quader is a fun, punchy, highly melodic, yet never simplistic album.

I felt an immediate Queens of the Stoneage vibe, while listening to opening track Brutus and while this is a valid comparison, Quader are far from a copycat, yet they share that certain Stoner vibe, without being a Stoner band, just like that band.

But where QOTSA tend to complicate their songs, Quader are more to the point and still have an average time of roughly 6 minutes per song, because the band knows how to make a tune float with spacy jams. A prime example is 2nd track Dustsucker, which could have just ended around the 3 minute mark, when the Alternative-Rock sound suddenly opens up and stretches to the 8 minute mark.

And this way the band travels through Grunge, Space-Rock, Stoner and even some Doom as presented on third track Sliver. All is presented in instantly memoriable, but never tiring songs.

Another statement should be made about the production of this thing: This thing sounds warm and has just the right amount of punch for this kind of music. And while there is some compression applied to the tunes the whole thing sounds very dynamic. A look at the wavelengths of my rip confirms that all spikes are intact. Hooray!

Shame noone knows about this band, because what they captured on this album is truly magnificient and if any of the above Genres are of slightest interest to you, I demand you give these guys a proper listen - at full volume! It's even available for Name-Your-Price on bandcamp so there really is no excuse. Fantastic stuff.

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