Quicksand - Slip (1993)



  1. Fazer
  2. Head to Wall
  3. Dine Alone
  4. Slip
  5. Freezing Process
  6. Lie and Wait
  7. Unfulfilled
  8. Can Opener
  9. Omission
  10. Baphomet
  11. Too Official
  12. Transparent

What do Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Quicksand and CIV have in common? Yes, they are all total classics of the Hardcore genre. But all of these bands have one more thing in common and that is Walter Schreifels who played in all of them (or in case of CIV produced them).

Where Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today focused heavily on fast Hardcore Punk Quicksand was new territory for Schreifels. Still Hardcore in nature this band adds elements of Grunge and Alternative Rock to their mix, somewhat like Helmet did around the same time. Quicksand had a different aproach to the mix though and is to this day a totally unique band.

So what do Quicksand actually sound like? On first listen one could question the Hardcore nature of the album. When the album opens with Fazer the riffing shares similarities with Tool rather than Gorilla Biscuits. Schreifels vocal performance also delivers far more melody than you normally expect from a Hardcore outfit. The drumming is tight and so is the production of this record. First impression: Quicksand manage to be catchy without shoving themselves into your face.

And this is exactly how this album continues. Head to Wall continues a similar path and with first single Dine Alone the album sees its first highlight. Very recognisable, yet never easy listening. But is this Hardcore? Sure, it is, in the same way Fugazi was a Hardcore band. Albums like these show you how many variations of this genre actually exist. Personally I prefer this style of Hardcore to its counterparts.

Freezing Process is another track that stands out, with its mellow aproach that even shares some of the sensibility that bands like Smashing Pumpkins used to offer and shows prominently how different Quicksands aproach to their genre has been. The album is full of highlights. The heavy riffing of Lie and Wait, the fantastic guitar playing in Unfulfilled or the outstanding instrumental track Baphoment, there is no filler on this record.

Sadly the band didn't get a whole lot of recognition back in the days and internal conflicts finally led to their demise. They came back together several times and even started recording a third album, which never saw the light of day.

But both their albums and their EPs are classics in my book, yet Slip remains my favorite.


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