Saint Saviour - In the Seams (2014)

In the Seams
1 Intro (Sorry)
2 Let It Go
3 Intravenous
4 Sad Kid
5 Bang
6 I Remember
7 Nobody Died
8 Craster
9 Devotion
10 A Word
11 James
12 St. Malo


Saint Saviour, or Becky Jones, received a bigger audience after 2009, when she was the lead singer for Groove Armada. Around the same time she started her solo careeer, releasing 2 EPs and her first album in 2012. On that album many compared her to Kate Bush, which was relatively justified. "Union" was a partly rocking, partly electronic album with quite some epic hymns.

The Sound

Now Becky released her second album. "In the Seams" it's called and I expected another Kate Bush influenced album. My expectations were totally wrong. When I first skipped through the album it seemed to be a real lackluster. Gone are the guitars, gone are the drums. It's only about her this time. Vocals with some piano tones and a bit of violins (played by Manchester Camerata Orchestra - another former band of Becky).

Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't skip through the album hastily. Give it a proper listen. Dim the lights, turn up the volume and sink in. And suddenly you realise: This is a thing of beauty. And it even has a clear comparison: If you liked last year's Agnes Obel album, you most likely will love this one too.

Saint Saviour knows how to create lovely melodies. Some of them will surely stick with you for days. Take the wonderful "Let It Go". A simple 2-tone piano and then her voice kicks in, building an image, a scenery of autumn, most likely.

To make it short: If melancholy, sophisticated pop music is your thing, get this. But take your time with this one, its not background music. Not because it's challenging, it rather wants to be found and then demands your full attention. In some louder moments (like in the mentioned Let It Go) even Sophie Hunger might be a valid comparison.



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