Stonebirds - Into the Fog... And the Filthy Air (2015)

Into the Fog... And the Filthy Air
1 After the Sin
2 Into the Fog
3 Angst Lover
4 Burned Flesh
5 Perpetual Wasteland


Oh bandcamp. What are you doing to me. Or rather my little purse. In one of many lonely nights I was browsing you again and you decided to introduce me to a whole lot of Stoner/Psychedelic bands (again). Many, many, awesome albums found their way into my collection. But there was one album in particular that was... different.

There isn't much I found out about the band. They are from France and released a Demo before undergoing quite some lineup changes, which also meant a change in sound.

The Sound

And that sound is special on "Into the Fog...". Let's start with the production, because it's striking on first listen. It has this uniqueness not often found on albums anymore. The guitars are crisp, not fully distorted. Details in sound were more important than heavy riffs, when making this record. The drums have quite some oldschool Dave Jerden (Alice in Chains' Dirt) feeling, reverb is key here. And finally the vocalist. Aggressive, but melodic at the same time.

Speaking of Alice in Chains' Dirt album. This is probably the closest of a comparison one can make for "Into the Fog". And not in the usual "Let's do some vocal harmonies" kind of way. Stonebirds manage to capture the same kind of depressive atmosphere of that classic album, while maintaining their very own style, which mainly consists of Sludge, tiny pieces of Stoner Rock and just the right amount of hooks. Just listen to 3rd track "Angst Lover". A definite highlight and one of the best songs 2015 had to offer. This is classic stuff per excellence and should be appealing to most that loved the nineties, but also the open minded Neurosis fans. And everyone in between.

The title track is another highlight of the album. It combines all the elements mentioned until it hits the 3 minute mark and suddenly transforms into this hell of a riff monster, which actually reminded me of a certain "Dopes to Infinity" album. Listen and you will understand.

If there is one negative thing to be said about Stonebirds' latest album, it's the time. 5 songs, making a total of 34 minutes is just too short. But those are probably the best 34 minutes you will have all day.




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