The Sweet Release Of Death - The Sweet Release of Death (2016)

The Sweet Release of Death


  1. The End
  2. Post Everything
  3. Kitty Swim Club
  4. India
  5. Fox
  6. Smutek
  7. 103
  8. Downstairs
  9. Solaris
  10. Does a Bear Shit in the Woods?

In those last few years Noise Rock had some kind of comeback. Mostly disguised as Shoegaze but let's not be picky here, since that is just another variant of Noise Rock. But naming some proper Noise release? That's definately harder.

The Sweet Release of Death fill this gap. This album is traditional Noise Rock through and through. The main influence is very clear: Sonic Youth. Simple drum beats, Some little guitar picks and the somewhat dissonant voice of female vocalist Alicia Breton and here and there a melody that sticks. And in the background seething chaos, which always finds its way to the front just to disappear again. And suddenly the album ends.

Which brings us straight to the one issue this album has: The tracks almost seem like song ideas rather than actual songs. In traditional Punk fashion most tracks stay below the 3-minute-mark, but where Punk music usally benefits from its verse/chorus/verse structure, this album keeps its distance from such structures. And luckily so, but the drawback to this aproach combined with the short runtime is a feeling of many sequental ideas instead of songs.

The reason this album still works as a whole is the track ordering. The tracks just flow. Yes, it's hard to tell the end of the songs, which leaves one surprised when the album is finally done. But it still works and makes up for a fun and pleasant listening experience simply because it's done really well.

If the band manages to build upon their qualities while retaining their attitude and atmosphere, I am positive that this band might become the next big thing in Noise Rock and this debut might become a sought after gem. Because a gem it indeed is, no matter what.

If early Sonic Youth hits your sweet spot, definately make sure to give this one a spin!

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