Truly - Fast Stories... From Kid Coma (1995)

Fast Stories... From Kid Coma


  1. (Intro) / Blue Flame Ford
  2. Four Girls
  3. If You Don't Let It Die
  4. Hot Summer 1991
  5. Blue Lights
  6. Leslie's Coughing Up Blood
  7. Hurricane Dance
  8. Angelhead
  9. Tragic Telepathic (Soul Slasher)
  10. Virtually
  11. So Strange
  12. Strangling
  13. Chlorine


Truly formed in 1990 in the Seattle area and unsurprisingly played music that more or less resembled the sound of the area. Two of the members were founding members of Soundgarden and Screaming Trees. The band released two albums, a compilation of B-sides and an EP before going on hiatus. In 2014 they finished a new single, which is waiting to be be officially released to this day.

Founding members of Soundgarden and Screaming Trees - now this is big shoes to fill in. Both bands belong to my personal favorites. So where is Truly to be found. Is it the Doom-driven sound of early Soundgarden or is it the Psychedelic aproach of Screaming Trees that defines the sound of this album? Well, if one has to pick between the two it's definately the latter aspect that left a bigger footprint, but Truly don't try to sound like any other band. This is basically a proper Grunge album, including Sub Pop drum sound, raspy voice and some will say that Tragic Telepathic (Soul Slasher) sounds like Nirvana. But there is more to this release. There is something... timeless about it. Songs like Virtually or Hurricane Dance share so much dynamics and have such a playful aproach to the scene that by the time this album was released became a bit predictable. This alone made "Fast Stories... From Kid Coma" stand above the rest of its peers back then. And that special something holds up to this very day.

The album kicks off with Blue Flame Ford which is the perfect way to open the album. Production and vibe is your typical (melodic) Sub Pop album, but this is huge from the very beginning and when the refrain kicks in it's clear: These guys know how to write melodies that are memoriable but not simple. After this grungy beginning Four Girls brings to focus the Psychedelic nature of the band. Somewhat spaced out, this song is much harder to get into and needs several listens to finally sink in. Which is true for a big part of the album and I consider this to be a good thing. The best albums need to be earned and once you got hold of it sticks with you.

And so the album continues going back and forward between great crafting of melodies, the right amount of anger and those psychedelic moments, which result in a delicious combination that makes this one not only a great album, but indeed an overlooked gem that should be on classics lists. Which it is now.




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